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Blockchain in “Made in”

Italian government allocates 15 million euros to protect “Made in Italy” with blockchain technology. The Italian government is now investing 15 million euros (16.2 million US dollars) to develop blockchain-based solutions to counter these markets around the world Counterfeit “Made in Italy” sold. According to a new report from dGen, counterfeit goods labeled “Made in Italy” caused a loss of € 12.4 billion (US $ 13.4 billion) in 2016 alone. This loss directly affects the income and future survival of many Italian craftsmen. The Italian government has acknowledged the threat of fraud and believes that blockchain technology is a potential solution. The government has recently allocated funds to support the rapid implementation of digital technology, including funding joint projects between IBM Italy and the artisan community. Areas where the industry is considering improvements include certification of commodities and raw materials through the supply chain, a secure intellectual property ledger, and strengthening the relationship between brands and their customers.

What is blockchain?

Blockchain is an organizational revolution that changes the way human production is organized and provides a new, decentralized economic and social organization, which is the improvement of human management capabilities. With the support of this technology, people can have more choices in the organization of production, and ultimately improve the efficiency of the entire society. It is explained by the so-called productivity and production relations only because this concept is easy to understand and convenient for popular science, although it is extremely inaccurate.

In addition to the use of side chain, lightning network, cross-chain and other technologies, the blockchain needs to be deeply integrated with emerging information technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, big data, and the Internet of Things, thereby improving technical performance and off-chain data quality and reducing resources waste.

The proposal on guiding the healthy development of the blockchain industry”. Blockchain industry development still has problems such as unclear target positioning, insufficient core technology research and development, industry standards to be standardized, and weak industry supervision. To solve these problems, it is recommended:

1. Clear industry planning and strengthen policy guidance.

2. Strengthen the demonstration application and build the “brand” of blockchain.

3. Strengthen the research on the underlying technology of the blockchain and lay a solid foundation for the industry. 4. Establish a blockchain product testing center and establish industry standards. 5. Strengthen the self-discipline of the blockchain industry and continue to explore regulatory models.

Public blockchain in corporate world

Public blockchain has great potential for development in the corporate world, but it still requires efforts to ensure security. Most companies believe that blockchain technology is a solution to improve business performance and maintain data integrity, which may bring New income or business model. Other blockchain use cases include improving the efficiency of supply chain management, payment support processes, and document flow digitization. However, the pressure to join a private network created by another company is not a key driver of adopting blockchain technology. Although private blockchain is a popular choice for businesses. Among all the use cases mentioned, there is growing interest in public blockchain networks. Classic blockchain systems can do two things that traditional legacy systems cannot. First, the blockchain can perform transactions reliably and correctly without intermediaries. Second, they serve as an immutable form of recording. Both of these features are not available in private blockchain networks. By definition, private blockchain networks require intermediaries. In addition, because there are not enough nodes on independent systems, these systems may never be considered immutable record storage. Obviously, public blockchain has great potential for development in the corporate world, but it still needs to strive to ensure security, scalability, regulatory requirements for instance.

The blockchain for industrial APPS

The application of industrial blockchain is accelerating, which is mainly reflected in two aspects: 1. Earlier technology was represented by open source systems, mostly consumer-oriented open source projects, and many projects for industry and enterprise characteristics have been added . At the same time, more and more Internet giants and high-tech companies have begun to enter, indicating that the era of industrial blockchain has come. 2. The emergence of blockchain reduces the trust threshold and the cost of monetization, so that some financial and trade scenarios that were not possible before can be realized, so that some new financial forms can be derived, providing greater space for financial innovation .

Blockchain world

Blockchain in banking

Large banks have more technical reserves and investment in blockchain. Small and medium-sized banks will be more closely integrated with fintech companies. Major banks are doing digital transformation but different financial institutions have different proportions in using different technologies. The technical strength of large banks is relatively strong and they have more reserves and investment in artificial intelligence, blockchain and other technologies. The  major banks all have their own financial technology departments and set up independent technology companies which have strong reserves of big data, risk control, artificial intelligence applications, product design, and marketing risk control. However at the same time, big banks still need to do more internal construction. In the future, agile banks will become an important direction for digital transformation. For small and medium banks, the investment in technology is not as complete as that of large banks. In the future, the entire financial industry will undergo major changes. Financial institutions will develop in a more digital direction. The integration of small and medium-sized banks and fintech companies will be closer. City commercial banks and rural commercial banks will need to cooperate with fintech companies.

Blockchain in AI

Embedding the blockchain in the intelligent networking terminal can solve the problem of data assetization. Integrating artificial intelligence chips, software, etc. into the Internet of Things module to become an AIoT terminal, and then developing to AIoT intelligent networking, suitable for more sophisticated environments. In addition, embedding blockchain capabilities in AIoT terminals, in addition to ensuring the security of access authentication, data encryption and device control authorization of IoT devices, can also solve the problem of data-based confirmation and data assetization.

Blockchain global

Blockchain Tech cryptocurrency

Idea of Blockchain in Education

Blockchain technology will be used in the education service business] Artificial intelligence will be used in the education service business, combined with blockchain and big data technology, to take advantage of this opportunity to establish student growth data, files and records, and build smart exams.

Blockchain asset tracking platform through the most cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain big data, intelligent identification of address tags, and AI intelligent analysis, uses high-performance graphical display to efficiently and intuitively provide various types of blockchain asset theft cases Powerful asset flow to data analysis services, quickly locate the stolen capital money laundering and monetization platform. At the same time, through the “abnormal monitoring alarm”, real-time monitoring of suspicious wallet funds activities, so that stolen funds have nowhere to hide. To protect user privacy, customers can set a password to encrypt the tracked content locally, and the platform cannot view customer content, and can keep the tracked content completely confidential.

Charity management and control system with blockchain

To build a charity ecosystem, use the Internet, blockchain and other information technologies to build a charity management and control system so that can ensure the entire process of donation transparent, good traceability and supervision.

Blockchain in consumer coupon Consumer

Using blockchain and other technical means to improve the design of the consumer coupon issuance system.  “using full-process supervision to crack down on consumer coupons'” wool “. Protecting consumer vouchers to boost consumption in a short period of time is a top priority, which requires that all regions should initiate full-process supervision of the flow of consumer vouchers while issuing them. Use big data, blockchain and other technical means to improve the design of consumer coupon issuance system, track the flow and use effect of consumer coupons.

Blockchain tech in railway logistic idea

All the nodes in the blockchain system can be used to conduct transactions without trust, the operation of the database and the entire system is open and transparent, and the nodes cannot deceive each other within the rules and time range of the system, reducing the risk of logistics services of railway enterprises To increase transaction volume and enhance the railway’s ability to control the entire large logistics service. Use these modern scientific and technological means to further deepen railway reform, improve the railway and achieve precise transportation of goods.

Research on practical application of energy transportation under blockchain technology.

We are focus on key issues such as the carrier ’s liability and risk control during paperless bill of lading, paperless electronic bill of lading circulation, and activation of freight and demurrage receivables Provide solutions to problems, explore the feasibility of the company and petrochemical enterprises, crude oil traders, charterers, banks, customs and other parties to jointly initiate the blockchain alliance chain to provide theory for the practical application of the company’s blockchain technology Basis and relevant legal support to propose an implementation path for promoting the industrialization of blockchain in the energy and petrochemical field.

Logistics and supply chain industries blockchain technology

Logistics and supply chain are very suitable for applying blockchain technology. The traditional logistics industry has problems such as long logistics chain and low efficiency. Relying on blockchain technology, It can truly and reliably record and transmit capital flow, logistics, and information flow, optimize resource utilization, compress intermediate links, and improve the overall efficiency of the industry. Overall, blockchain technology is currently more suitable for scenarios where the value chain is long, communication links are complex, and there is game behavior between nodes. The use of blockchain technology will greatly improve the efficiency of cross-subject collaboration, which is a traditional information technology. Upgrade and optimization of the existing business environment.

Blockchain Usage

Blockchain in Practical Usage

Blockchain in Games Our Strength

Blockchain Game Report: 7 years of financing of 550 million US dollars, game studios are most popular with investors. The Block recently released a blockchain game research report, the report shows that there are currently at least 73 blockchain games on the market Companies, the main business of these companies is focused on developing games, producing platforms and providing infrastructure. From the financing point of view, the blockchain game industry has received 313 million US dollars in venture capital and 237 million US dollars from ICO funds, a total of 550 million US dollars. Although the average investment in the blockchain industry fell by 57% from 2018 to 2019, the investment in the blockchain gaming industry fell by only 18%. This report also analyzes 57 transactions to determine which specific categories are most popular with investors. Among them, game studios are the most popular investment category, the total value of investment in this category is 133.5 million US dollars, and the number of investments has reached 21. The fantasy / e-sports platform ranked fourth in the total investment, about 24 million US dollars, but it accounted for 21% of the total investment. It is worth noting that the average amount of investment in fantasy / e-sports platforms is $ 2 million, while the amount of game studios is $ 6.3 million.

Blockchain games are a very important direction of development. One proposal mentioned the use of blockchain technology to develop an anti-game addiction system. The idea is very novel and interesting. But the difficulty will be great. The centralized development of the game market will definitely be broken in the future. The development of a national anti-addiction system must be the general trend. Blockchain games put all user information and assets on the chain, which actually changed the game industry’s gameplay, opened up all games, and allowed players to connect across games, platforms, and manufacturers.

Blockchain in infrastructure industry: It is expected that the market scale of the blockchain industry integration will expand rapidly. According to the Securities Daily, Zheng Lei, director of the Digital Economy Research Center of the International New Economic Research Institute, said in an interview that the blockchain industry must at least It is divided into two parts, one is related infrastructure investment, and the other is integration with traditional industries, that is, the industrial application of “blockchain +”, and the blockchain technology should also be divided into two parts, cryptocurrency technology (in the area Blockchain 1.0 mainly) and other applications (Blockchain 2.0 and above). Looking at the current one or two years, the market size may not grow too much. In the future, with the continuous improvement of infrastructure and the establishment of industry standards, the market scale of the integration part of the blockchain industry will expand rapidly.

Blockchain application in housing mortgage loans

Improve the efficiency of the housing agreement signing service and apply electronic signatures,  face recognition, blockchain and other technologies to pre-sale capital supervision, mortgage loans, housing network signing records, rental network signing records and more. These process will comprehensively improve work efficiency and optimize service quality

Blockchain ethereum
Blockchain Concept

Blockchain ico project

Blockchain idea in medical sector Live

Blockchain medical data management platform. Use blockchain technology to solve technical problems in the healthcare field, especially in managing and sharing patient data.

Using Blockchain Technology to Improve the Construction of the Drug Traceability. The drug traceability system is of great significance for the realization of country’s drug traceability, the improvement of the drug supervision system, the improvement of the rational use of drugs, the construction of strategic drug reserves and the promotion of the healthy development of the pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, it is recommended to increase the application-based traceability system, expand the type and information capacity of drug traceability codes, implement graded drug traceability supervision, and expand the functions of drug traceability systems. Among them, it is recommended to use blockchain technology to improve the construction of the main body of drug traceability. Utilize market-oriented means and blockchain technology to optimize the drug traceability system and improve the level of drug supervision and traceability.

Blockchain network

Blockchain bidding platform. A bidding and bidding trading platform that applies blockchain encryption certificate storage technology throughout the transaction. The platform will conduct real-time blockchain certificate storage on the result data of each role in the construction project transaction in the key link, and generate information such as “data ID card” (document storage hash value), certificate time stamp, block height, etc. At any time, the node provides proof of the existence and authenticity of the data to ensure the authenticity and traceability of the data in key parts of the transaction process.

Global Smart Tourism Platform Based on Blockchain and Other Technologies.

The smart travel platform is supported by a number of cutting-edge technologies such as big data, 5G live broadcast, new retail, blockchain which through a barcode to accommodate cultural and tourism information resources, professional travel information, personalized product services, The cutting-edge technology perception spreads to provide visitors with a full range of smart travel services such as “food, hotel, travel location, shopping and entertainment” and comprehensively enhance the tourist experience.


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㊙ Blockchain technology will play an important role in the integration of four networks and four streams. “Four networks and four streams” means to realize the integration of the four networks of energy network, transportation network, information network, and humanities network, as well as the integration of four streams of energy flow, information flow, material flow, and value flow. Benefit from the technical advantages of distributed accounting, multi-node data sharing, tamper resistance, traceability and auditing of the blockchain to realize the identity authentication and mutual trust of all parties, promote the interconnection and interconnection of all links of the energy system, and promote different energy structures Optimization of the coupling to achieve four-stream fusion.
㊙ Token Price Historical Trend
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