Blockchain companies face the challenge of preventing database tampering and ensuring data credibility

The main points to note about blockchain security include private key management security, business process security, smart contract and open source code security, random number security, and so on. The fundamental problem solved by blockchain is database tamper resistance and data credibility, but enterprises in the blockchain field are facing serious challenges. Some mature or innovative security technologies can easily solve such problems. Such as encryption chips, HSM, where tampering with databases, etc. These technologies are not widely used in the traditional Internet, but they are worth thinking and trying.

From the perspective of security practitioners, the essence of security in the blockchain application scenario has not changed significantly. Security still protects users, protects company data and assets, protects the company brand, and security technology still achieves confidentiality, availability and integrity. Compared with the financial or Internet fields, one of the big differences in security is the protection of user privacy when combining blockchain scenarios and off-chain, which will be more challenging. “