Six Sigma and Lean Concepts: An Introductory Course Module

This subject begins with an overview of Six Sigma, covering topics such as the White Belt certification, the DMAIC methodology acronym, the Six Sigma philosophy and the Six Sigma tools and procedures. The DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control) approach and the tools and techniques used in Six Sigma projects appear to be covered … Read more

Blockchain companies face the challenge of preventing database tampering and ensuring data credibility

The main points to note about blockchain security include private key management security, business process security, smart contract and open source code security, random number security, and so on. The fundamental problem solved by blockchain is database tamper resistance and data credibility, but enterprises in the blockchain field are facing serious challenges. Some mature or … Read more

Study the most suitable way for Japan to promote digital currency and make full use of blockchain technology

Former Director of the Japan Banking and Settlement Agency: Will study the most suitable way for Japan to promote digital currency and make full use of blockchain technology. On June 8, the People’s Daily published a joint meeting on the establishment of digital currencies in Japanese companies. The article pointed out that a few days … Read more

Norwegian salmon producer joins IBM Blockchain platform Food Trus

According to Cointelegraph, Norway’s salmon producer Kvarøy Arctic has joined the IBM Food Trust blockchain platform, aiming to provide a blockchain-based supply chain solution through Food Trust Provide restaurants and consumers with detailed information about the origin of their products, increase transparency and help prevent fraud in the seafood industry.

Promoting “Blockchain﹢Governance” is of great significance to guide the development of blockchain technology and applications

Blockchain is at the stage of technology integration, functional expansion, and industrial subdivision. It occupies the commanding heights of innovation for us and obtains new advantages in the industry. 3. Expanding new areas of governance provides a rare time window period. Good development, good application, good governance of the blockchain, and promotion of “blockchain﹢governance” are … Read more

BMW launches blockchain-based incentive program BMW Vantage

According to Coinpost, automaker BMW announced its blockchain-based incentive program BMW Vantage. The plan enables customers to earn reward points in the form of tokens and use them for payment and discounts. BMW Vantage will be officially launched in the second half of this year, and will first be tested and operated in South Korea, … Read more

Blockchain game is a very important direction of development

Blockchain games are a very important development direction. One proposal mentioned the use of blockchain technology to develop an anti-game addiction system. The idea is very novel and interesting. But the difficulty will be great. The centralized development of the game market will definitely be broken in the future. The development of a national anti-addiction … Read more

South Korea has integrated more than 35 mainstream platforms for integrating COINNESS investment consulting solutions

COINNESS, Asia ’s largest blockchain investment information platform, has signed a strategic cooperation with DELIO, Korea ’s first digital currency lending platform. DELIO has completed the integration of the DELIO platform and the COINNESS real-time investment consulting solution. DEILIO will provide its users with COINNESS real-time blockchain investment information services. DELIO is Korea’s largest digital … Read more

The Minecraft plugin allows players to generate tokens on the server

According to Coindesk, the popular video game Minecraft (Minecraft) has launched a new plugin, EnjinCraft, where players can place blockchain assets directly on their servers. The working principle of the tool is to put EnjinCraft files into the player’s server “plug-in” folder, players can integrate and distribute blockchain assets in the form of tokens in … Read more

FB officially opened global download on May 26

According to FB official news, FB officially opened global test download on May 26. According to reports, FB, as a new generation of decentralized application protocol, is committed to comprehensively improving the security, liquidity, fairness and openness of the blockchain ecosystem and fulfilling the promise of allowing the blockchain system to “freely flow value”. FB … Read more