CBE and FileStorm formally merge to jointly create a distributed storage public chain

According to official news, the world ’s first commercial and entertainment ecological integration platform based on blockchain and Internet of Things technology CBE and the distributed storage platform FileStorm formally merged to jointly create a distributed Storage public chain. Fu Xiannong will lead the technical team to fully promote the public beta and launch of CBE public chain 2.0. The bottom of the CBE (The Chain Of Business Entertainment) business and entertainment chain is the IPFS protocol. By creating a platform for the interconnection of the blockchain world, it uses data to interact with the super community to provide an unbounded interactive system of blockchain technology and a cross-border Internet of Things blockchain. + Commercial + entertainment + ecological customized service. FileStorm is developed by Fu Xiannong, and the bottom layer also uses IPFS protocol. The multi-chain architecture can be connected to various applications and provide trusted data storage solutions. It has now received investment from multiple capital institutions such as Consensus Lab, Nova Fund, and Imagination Fund. Fu Xiannong graduated from Tsinghua University with a master’s degree in computer science from Georgia State University in the United States. He has served in giant companies such as Bank of America, Microsoft, Google and Amazon. It is reported that CBE and FileStorm will hold an online conference in the near future to introduce the details of the merger, as well as the future technology roadmap and the new token economic model. The two parties will actively cooperate in market promotion and technology implementation on a global scale, expand the size of the community, and enhance the brand appeal and token value.