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16 November, 2018, Hong Kong

Blockchain Technology Conference

16 November, 2018, Hong Kong

Blockchain Technology Conference

16 November, 2018, Hong Kong

Blockchain Technology Conference

Briefly Know About This Event

Theme: Blockchain Implementation

Blockchain Technology
The talks and the sessions will fine tune our understandings of cryptos, what to avoid, what to look for before investing, who are the people behind it, what can we learn from most successful crypto and other terms, definitions and key points we must understand to position ourselves to leverage it.

The conference sessions and the leading experts from the crypto space will put a spotlight on what needs to be understood and how you can make profits in future.

As a promising technique to achieve decentralized consensus, blockchain has been successfully applied into digital currency - bitcoin for serving as a public ledger for transactions.

The emergence and popularity of blockchain techniques will significantly change the way of digital system operation and management.

This Conclave will bring together players in digital business, IT Startups, Internet application Developers, digital Marketers and companies with a FINTECH base to create new networks and expand already existing ones.

Smart Contracts
Blockchain technology is starting to encourage a direct value exchange over the internet. It is slowly moving towards mainstream adoption, and removing the friction in the exchange of value over the internet. It is fast approaching an inflection point where enterprise and greater mainstream adoption will ensue. As a result of the considerable structural advantages blockchain technology is expected to have significant impact on industries including payments, finance, insurance, energy, IoT, exchanges, music and many more. This track analyses just these impacts looking at various industries and the challenges and opportunities that blockchain will present to them.



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Kishore M


Amie Lin

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Helios Media Design Pty Ltd

Keith Lim

Founder and CEO
Hearti Lab Pte Ltd

Jurgen Hase

Unlimit IoT Pvt. Ltd.

Sameer Sibal

Founding Partner
Jerome Merchant + Partners

Kumar Gaurav


Girish Nuli

Founder and CEO

Dr. Harish Pant

Managing Director
Hampson Industries Pvt. Ltd

Mitchell Pham

Director - Augen Software Group & Kiwi Connection Tech Hub | Chairman
NZTech & FinTechNZ

Jan Bolhuis


Adam Turner

Head of Development


Founder & CEO
Token Advisors

Aftab Hasan

Arya Insurance Brokerage Co. (LLC)

Stephen Peters


Indradi Soemardjan

Anapana Pte. Ltd

Schedule (16th November, 2018)

Blockchain Technology, Crypto & Smart Contracts

X Topic Abstract

Caspar will share his own experience in blockchain industry in Hong Kong and China which has been considered as one the largest market in the world.

Speaker Profile

Caspar Wong is the CEO of Goldford Fintech and Vice President of Goldford Group, a greater China concept Blockchain company and Venture Capital. For boosting the development of blockchain development, Caspar is now the chairman of blockchain committee of the Hong Kong Youth Professional Alliance, and usually interviewed and reported by mainstream media organizations for talking about the development of blockchain in Hong Kong and China. He is also the advisor of two global competitive blockchain projects, Quantum Gold and Cloudbric.

X Topic Abstract

With the rise in popularity of cryptocurrencies, and the flood of ICO’s all bringing their own tokens to the market, what effect has this had on exchanges?  And what is holding the market back from evolution?  We will look at how the next generation of exchanges will impact the future of Crypto Trading.

Speaker Profile

With 28 years in business, and 18 of those years in Hong Kong, Daniel Puzny is a Consultant to Blue-Chip firms globally on Digital & Blockchain design and strategy. Daniel has been involved in many software development and e-commerce projects throughout his career, and is now focussed on Blockchain projects exclusively.  Daniel has also consulted on many ICO projects and is also a regular public speaker on blockchain.

X Topic Abstract

Cross border payment and logistics services have offered the most promising starting point for blockchain from a speed, cost and security point of view for e-commerce. Mr. Anthony LEUNG will share some inspiring use cases in Asia implementing blockchain for better cross border transactions for SME sectors in terms of payment, logistics and dispute handling.

Speaker Profile

Anthony LEUNG is the Director of Hong Kong General Chamber of Cross Border E-Commerce, Advisor of The Chamber of Hong Kong Logistics Industry and HENGQIN FTZ (HONG KONG) REPRESENTATIVE OFFICE. Anthony is also the active key executive of many of China's leading and cross border e-commerce companies, like CEO of Silk Road And Belt Technology Limited, China People Creative PayEase Cross Border Technology Ltd extended the services from China to Australia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand and more Belt & Road countries with outstanding payment integration, e-commerce and cloud computing technology platform using blockchain that is the member of Hong Kong Blockchain Indusrty Anaylst Association and FinTech Club Hong Kong.

X Topic Abstract

One of use cases always mentioned in blockchain is notarization. While it still takes time to formalize this to meet our legal requirement, nevertheless, blockchain can assist if not yet disrupt this process. In this section I will go through different levels of notarlzation: from a proof-of-existence to ownership of a document, and see how to implement them in blockchains.

Note: this is based on an article I published recently. Here is the first link of a 3-part article: https://medium.com/@kctheservant/notarization-in-blockchain-part-1-a9795f19e28d

Speaker Profile

KC spent almost 10 years on various cloud products, solutions, cloud architecture, and how they are relevant to business. In his last two big companies he served, Cisco and Ericsson, his focus is to bring value to customers when they are adopting clouds, either by building their own or consuming cloud services provided by others. And more importantly, how they really use cloud.

X Topic Abstract

The main reason for people to exchange fait money and cryptocurrency is for cross-border payment. The benefits of decentralised Exchange is to reduce cost, payment latency, bank fee, default risk, and at the same time increase cash flow, conversion rate, efficiency, and trust. The reasons why Blockchain Smart Contract can realise the decentralised Exchange is as follows:

1. There is a predictable, repeatable process that lends itself well to automation.
2. There an ongoing or long-running transaction or process, rather than a process that only occurs once.
3. There are multiple stakeholders in this process or value chain.
4. The role of reconciling disparate data is usually played by one party or a limited number of parties.
5. There is an element of value transfer. Remember, value is not only monetary
6. There is value in an immutable record and is an immutable record a requirement

Speaker Profile

He is a leading expert in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, FinTech and provide consultancy to worldwide financial institutes and Fortune 500.

In the past 10 years, he helped to develop large-scale trading system in Finance, IT for top-tier investment banks and financial institutes, including Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan Chase, Royal Bank of Scotland etc.

In recent years, he has also helped enterprises and start-ups to develop AI & Big Data systems in Video Analytics, Speech-to-Text, Natural Language Processing, Blockchain, Facial Recognition, Voice Recognition, DNA analysis, and Manufacturing Automation etc.

X Topic Abstract

Cryptocurrencies are frequently in the news as investment vehicles. Not many people are aware of the risks related to cryptocurrencies. They range from traditional financial fraud to sophisticated technological attacks on the security of the blockchain. Understand the technology and its weaknesses.

Speaker Profile

Vijay Luiz is a cybersecurity and blockchain consultant with PwC’s Risk Assurance practice. Vijay has advised international and regional financial services providers, government clients and SMEs on information security. He has provided consulting services, hands-on deployment, support as well as training. He has spoken on information security and blockchain topics at events around Asia. Knowing there are no experts in this new field, he is always open to a discussion and to pick up information from another perspective.

Vijay approaches blockchain from a sceptical perspective and is aware that the industry is rife with scams. He believes that this is detracting from actual use cases of the technology.

X Topic Abstract

1. A Glimpse of Digital Advertising – Trends, Opportunities & Challenges
2. Blockchain in Digital Transformation – A “Vitamin”, or “Painkiller”?
3. Mix & Match – Integrating Blockchain with Your Existing Digital Strategy
4. User Case Examples – Smarter Solutions Made Simple
5. What does Blockchain Marketing really mean to you?

Speaker Profile

Private Banking Strategist, Greater China & North Asia, Bank of Singapore

Charles is a Private Banking Strategist of Bank of Singapore, responsible for accelerating bank-related change management in Greater China & North Asia. Being a strategist in the daytime, and growth hacker at night, Charles holds the firm belief that success, in any walk of life, is predicated upon the in-depth understanding of people.

Prior to his current role, Charles co-founded the award-winning start-up Velcron Limited in 2017. Incubated by Cyberport HK, Velcron strived to be the world’s first state-channel decentralised cryptocurrency exchange by leveraging its proprietary Fault Tolerant Protocol (FTP), enabling direction transactions within users' wallets. As an investor relations specialist, Charles is keen to share several important takeaways during his entrepreneurship ventures at the Blockchain Technology Conference, together with the intrinsic value of Blockchain in digital advertising.

Being a hackathon enthusiast & business case challenger during his undergraduate life, Charles and his team, Obsidian Advisory LLP, has been competing in case competitions across 5 continents, scoring over 20 victories. Looking ahead, Q4 2019 remains an equally exciting quarter as the team is actively exploring next moves upon the deep integration of the Great Bay Area.

X Speaker Profile

Juergen Hoebarth started to get early involved with cryptocurrencies dating back to 2014. Today he is a crypto investor, advisor, and speaker who thinks ahead in terms of what will come next and how it affects our society and businesses.

Juergen started out as a Multimedia Designer (BA in Multimedia and Design) and added in his early days in Asia to his academic career an MVA in Art Administration and finished it up with as a Master of Philosophy in early 2013. Juergen Hoebarth moved in 2008 to Hong Kong from Vienna.

X Topic Abstract

The traditional road to receiving funding/institutional attention for a breakthrough idea or project has often been an arduous and exclusive process that the majority of peopled are locked out from - despite having potentially groundbreaking visions. How can blockchain technology break the barriers in the VC world, while maintaining the quality and excellence of potential unicorn projects that will pave the way to the next industry disruption? Mun will give an overview on how blockchain technology can do exactly that

Speaker Profile

An experienced digital leader, strategic marketer and token campaign advisor, Mun has led the launch of token sale projects around the world. She is one of the founding members of the SuperNode Community (SNC) project, a decentralized venture capital platform. She is currently the Managing Director of C Block Capital. Prior to this, she spearheaded the ICO and blockchain marketing practice at ANX International, setting new standards for the industry. She has also led the strategic marketing efforts at Microsoft Hong Kong across the enterprise and commercial space, where she founded the MSX series featuring innovative start-ups. Before Microsoft, she headed up the electronic trading business at Sun Hung Kai Financial and was instrumental in the firm's digital transformation into an award-winning brand, launching the firm's first mobile trading application. She also has extensive sales and marketing experience across the financial services and non-profit sectors with OCBC Bank, HLG Securities, and Alpha Asia Pacific. She began her career as a web developer in a software development firm in London. Mun is a graduate of the Financial Engineering Program from Stanford University and holds a MSc. in Electronic Publishing from City University, London, and a BA (Hons) in Marketing from Middlesex University, London.

X Topic Abstract

Conventionally, blockchain development has a restricted view in bitcoin ecosystem as the validation and container for new coins and transactions between wallets. Consensus algorithm is based on how much works are done, proof of works.. The Ethereum arena stands on the share of stake, or proof of stake, which can dominate in a particular cyrpto landscape. Still, both are based on REPLICATION in fill. In modern business enterprises, selective data are exchanged across stakeholders along the value chain. This presentation is part of author's post doctoral research in next gen of blockchain for enterprise, which demands selective sharing, RPA (robot process automation), full meta data harmonization, transaction signing, and business community workflow (smart contract).

Speaker Profile

Participating in Post Doc researches (Streaming algorithm, BIM for shopping mail and revenue generation, Mobile grid on snapdragon, BIM for Construction & 3D printing, Deep Learning.

Participating in doctoral researches (Integrated Reporting, Chinese Acculturation process, Big Data for SME Dynamic Capabilities

X Topic Abstract

How to create a meaningful and valuable ecosystem for a token, which is open to third-party participation, featuring a balance of supply and demand, driven by multiple uses of the token.

Speaker Profile

Henrique has supported the implementation of different blockchain based projects and token sales in different markets, especially on the business and ICO sides. His background is in Corporate Finance, an area where he has been working for in the last 12 years, supporting the implementation of more than 200 startups.

X Topic Abstract

Although it has a reputation for conservatism when it comes to technology, the insurance sector has recognised the benefits of technologies such as AI sooner than many other industries.

Speaker Profile

Tomas is the CEO and Founder of CoverGo.
CoverGo is an award-winning tech platform that enables insurance and broker companies to create, manage and distribute insurance products faster than ever before.

X Topic Abstract

Exchanging digital asset on centralised exchanges has been the norm over the years, it has helped the blockchain ecosystem to grow significantly in the past. However it also brought many issues in security, transparency, and liquidity. This talk will share with the audiences the benefit and readiness of decentralized exchanges and the key to its success.

Speaker Profile

Terence Lam is the Co-founder and CEO of Up Blockchain Technology Limited. Up Blockchain has a mission to create the next generation decentralized digital asset exchange platform for both utility and security token. Terence is also a renowned adjunct lecturer at the HK University SPACE China Business School and a serial entrepreneur with focuses on blockchain, mobile internet and Smart City initiatives. He has also been an advisor to several successful blockchain projects with global footprint. Terence has held a wide range of senior positions in fortune 500 companies and has accumulated decades of global vision and experience in multinational companies and start-ups. He is currently an officer for the Harvard Business School Hong Kong Alumni Association and the board of director for the Hong Kong Chinese University Shaw College Alumni Association.

schedule 08:15AM - 08:30AM Registration/Conference Overview
speaker 08:30AM - 09:00AM The blockchain development in Hong Kong and China - Click Here for More Info
Caspar Wong, CEO|Vice President, Goldford Fintech | Goldford Group
speaker 09:00AM - 09:30AM Challenges of Crytocurrency Startups and Exchanges - Click Here for More Info
Daniel Puzny, Founder & CEO, COIN REIGN
speaker 09:30AM - 10:00AM Blockchain Use Case : Cross Border e-Commerce and e-Logistics in Asia - Click Here for More Info
Anthony Leung, Chief Executive Officer, Silk Road And Belt Technology Limited | China People Creative PayEase eCommerce Ltd
speaker 10:00AM - 10:30AM Notarization in Blockchain - Click Here for More Info
K. C. Tam, Lead Instructor, Blockchain Educators
schedule 10:30AM - 11:00AM Tea Break
speaker 11:00AM - 11:30AM Why Blockchain Smart Contract is good for Decentralised Exchange? - Click Here for More Info
Peter Ip, Founding Board Member, OXBC - Oxford Blockchain Foundation
speaker 11:30AM - 12:00PM Risks, Dangers and Security Flaws of Cryptocurrencies - Click Here for More Info
Vijay Luiz, Cybersecurity Consultant, PwC Hong Kong and Mainland China
speaker 12:00PM - 12:30PM Why Digital Advertising Needs a Blockchain Solution - Click Here for More Info
Charles S.K. WONG, Strategy Management at Bank of Singapore | Six Sigma Practitioner | Startup Cofounder
speaker 12:30PM - 01:00PM The Future of DApps - Click Here for More Info
Juergen Hoebarth, Director | Co-Founder, Haexagon Concepts
schedule 01:00PM - 02:00PM Lunch Break
speaker 02:00PM - 02:30PM How Blockchain Will Disrupt the Asset Management and VC Industry - Click Here for More Info
Mun Shing Cheong, Managing Director | Founder, C Block Capital | SuperNode Community
speaker 02:30PM - 03:00PM Next Generation of Blockchain - To Reply ALL or Exchange Critical Information on Demand. An Inspiration From a Tel Aviv Development - Click Here for More Info
Dr. Daniel Ng, Director, Beijing Tsinghua University
speaker 03:00PM - 03:30PM How to Build a Balanced Token Economy - Click Here for More Info
Henrique Centieiro, Blockchain Engineer, Zwoop
schedule 03:30PM - 04:00PM Tea Break
speaker 04:00PM - 04:30PM Streamlining insurance transactions smart contracts - Click Here for More Info
Tomas Holub, Founder & CEO, CoverGo
speaker 04:30PM - 05:00PM The Future of Security Token Exchange - Click Here for More Info
Terence Lam, Co-Founder and CEO, Up Blockchain Technology Limited

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