How to convert from s block to Plan Flash for existing users and new users


  1. Login to your s Block account. Click “S-Key” page and click “Plan Flash” icon.
  2. Click “activate” first. When click activate 2 SBO will be minus from your sblock account automatically.
  3. Select plan flash username start with “S”. Note: Select start with s12345678 (s + your sblock username).
  4. A page will ask you want to “transfer SBO to main account”. If you want to transfer your SBO to Plan flash, just click here then fill up the form. If you want to keep your SBO in sblock wallet to future price increase, just ignored this message. Or you can move partially SBO to buy Plan flash and keep some in the s Block wallet.
  5. Now download Plan Flash app as below:
  6. NEW Plan Flash (PF) Download link click HERE
  • If you are new user, my Plan Flash PF Sponsor number/recommend code:  dNGvqa  (require to fill. Thanks)
  1. Go to PF app, enter “Plan flash username start with s” and click “forgot password” to retrieve password. You will receive SMS with verification code. Then key in the code and enter your Plan flash new password.
  2. Login to your plan flash app with your username and new password.
  3. You can rent processor with btc, eth, sbo and usdt. At this moment 3 sbo per day and rental minimum one month. You can compare nodes ranking inside the app and decide which want to rent.
  4. For deposit btc, eth and usdt, click “Mine” in the app and click top side the cryptocurrency you want to deposit.
  5. You can play around the app to get familiar.

For NEW USERS who would like to join Plan Flash here you download link.

  • NEW Plan Flash (PF) Download link click HERE
  • Plan Flash PF Sponsor number/recommend code:  dNGvqa  (require to fill. Thanks)