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Overview of the event

The Blockchain Technology Conference 2018 will be happening on July 28th 2018 Hyderabad. The Blockchain Conference 2018 will bring together a diverse range of experts who will discuss all the opportunities, challenges and exciting possibilities in innovation and disruption that can be leveraged in Hyderabad using this technology.

National banks and regulators, exchanges and investment banks across the world are taking seriously the financial innovation of distributed ledger or block chain technology. The block chain, aka Trust Machine underpins "crypto currencies" such as Bitcoin; but it goes beyond digital money. It provides a shared, trusted, public ledger that everyone can inspect, but no single user controls. It is at the cusp of revolutionising international money transfers, trade finance, syndicated lending and collateral management, among other applications. As it allows for almost instantaneous payments and settlement, the potential impact on the role of traders, quants and other financial technologists cannot be underestimated.

The event features an inspiring day of talks and workshops by professional speakers focused on Blockchain technology and Innovation.

This conference brings together Block Chain technologists in the finance sector, regulators, industry commentators, computer science researchers and others involved in financial innovation; these experts explore some of the technology and the many applications of Block chain in Financial Services.

Facts & Figures About The Event

8 Speakers
8 Topics
100 Tickets

Conference Schedule

Blockchain Technology Conference, Hyderabad

X Topic Abstract

As per PWC, 2017 Global Digital IQ survey, blockchain investment in the financial services/capital market would be highest (around 36% of overall) across different industry in next 3 years. Exploiting blockchain technology to the fullest extent can bring severe disruption in the current business models. Several participants are proactively initiating and experimenting with POC/Pilots. Although, Blockchain technology is still immature, this doesn’t absolve enterprises from the responsibility to identify how it will disrupt their industry in the future, latest trends and challenges.

Speaker Profile

Hrishikesh has overall 13+ years of experience in building large complex enterprise applications and flair for emerging technologies innovation in a leading Financial Services organization. He has recognized expertise in building Blockchain / DLT applications, responsible for the technology vision of the practice and driving key projects.

X Topic Abstract

I'll talk about the real life cases

X Topic Abstract

In this discussion, we focus on how Fourth Industrial Revolution concepts like Blockchain, AI based automation & Data driven processes, the uberization of the economy are fundamentally leading to more efficient and smarter processes and as a result a fair trade ecosystem and sustainable solutions in the areas of

- Governance
- Businesses
- Economies
- Healthcare
- People
- Quality of Living
- Environment
- Entertainment
- Transportation
- Mobility

Speaker Profile

"The more you know, the more you know you don't know. Aristotle

I am a polymath who loves exploring the unknown and creating problem solving approaches & art using abstract thinking, research, design, social engineering, process optimisation and technology. Pursuits in the name of music, filmmaking and various other cinematic arts excite me to a large extent and define my life when i am not helping others in making amazing products, solving interesting problems and changing the world for good :)

I am currently working on solutions and products which make lives and existing processes function better for companies and people using Fourth Industrial Revolution based approaches with the help of tech, design and people @ asrsti :) (Pronounced Ashrishti http://www.asrsti.co) , Music composition is my soulfood :), I frequently compose background scores for art movies & jingles using the moniker "The Serotonin Paradigm" (soundcloud.com/theserotoninparadigm)


X Topic Abstract

Blockchain is the technology that powers Bitcoin. What else can it power? The use cases are transforming the world faster than our imagination. Smart contracts on Blockchain are already being implemented in different scenarios around the world. The creativity can be easily replicated if one is willing to see it all the way through. Especially in the geographies where it is still not fully understood. Drop by to learn more!

Speaker Profile

Our speaker for the day is a Rocket Scientist turned entrepreneur.He is an alum of the prestigious Doon School located in the foothills of the Himalayas. He was awarded the Gold Standard of the International Award for Young people that was presented by The Duke of Edinburgh that is awarded for excellence in a blend of cultural undertakings, sports, and service to the community.
Anish is also a professional Sitarist. He has given concerts alongside the famous drummer Sivamani, in a fusion music duet of Hindustani and western music. He has performed for well-known dignitaries of which a few include, Former President of India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, His Holiness - Dalai Lama, Amitabh Bachchan, Karan Singh of the Dogra Dynasty whose family ruled the kingdom of Jammu & Kashmir.
Anishhad also received a provisional patent for a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine in 2012 and has worked at NASA as a Collision Analyst for the Multiscale Magnetospheric Mission. He has then worked at Siemens in collaboration with the Department of Defense for Northrop Grumman warships where he programmed missiles’ projectiles, waypoints and optimized propulsion systems for these missiles.
One of his many startups, Hi-Tech Rickshaws was the first on-demand logistics platform that served auto rickshaws in India. The company was ranked amongst the top 5% startups of the world in 2014 at the RISE conference in Hongkong. The fleet was later acquired by Green Cabs.
Entering the blockchain space early, Anish has advocated the use of cryptocurrency and is now the CFO of Asrsti, a blockchain incubator that mentors companies and helps them adopt Smart AI engines fused to deep learning, blockchain technology and IOT devices for their existing frameworks.

X Topic Abstract

We grew up hearing the scary stories where someone completely healthy was suddenly diagnosed with liver issues, someone lost their eyesight, someone lost their loved ones - due to fake medicines. And, it is disheartening to see that it is still continuing. Today, nearly 40% medicines in Indian market are fake. In spite of various efforts from government, containing this menace has been a challenge. But, with Blockchain technology available to us, the time has come that the fake medicine menace can be stopped. In this session we will talk about how big this problem is and how do we employ Blockchain technology to go beyond mere agreements and policies and truly enforce the checks to help establish the validity of a medicine - thus saving lives and providing multi-faceted benefits to all the supply-chain stakeholders.

Speaker Profile

Ajit is a serial entrepreneur, technology buff, Open Source advocate, author, and mentor. He has over 19 years of experience with technologies ranging from embedded systems to large enterprise applications. Under the banner of his new company - PIPRA - he is working on enriching the ecosystem and enabling larger adoption of Blockchain, AR/VR, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. He enjoys reading and writing about anything and everything. He likes to base his writings on relevance, importance, and objectivity.

Ajit has authored various books on open source frameworks which he considers his way of thanking the awesome open source community! His recent eBook - Blockchain Business Analysis - is a perfect business analyst companion for a blockchain project.

X Topic Abstract

• Current healthcare ecosystem
• Stake holders in healthcare
• Needs of innovative technologies for healthcare
• Block chain applicability’s for healthcare
• Target markets
• Potential use cases(At least 3)
• Q&A

Speaker Profile

A Proven, Result driven, Innovative leader with 16+ years of experience in Product Inception- ideation -development, Domain COE Setup ,Solution Development, Service Delivery Management( Application management and testing ), Process Consulting & Automation, Impact Analysis & Assessment, , Business Development (Sales Enablement, Pre-Sales) for global Healthcare and life science industries(Commercial Payer, Govt. Health Plan (Medicare/ Medicaid), Hospital & Provider, Pharmaceutical and Medical device, , PBM & healthcare Clearing House).

Expertise in:

Healthcare Payer, Provider, Pharmaceutical and Medical device business process
End to end Product management
Service delivery Management (Project, Sales and Pre-Sales support, Client Relationship)
Domain advisory, business consulting and digital transformation services for Healthcare and life science industries
Robotic and cognitive process automation in the area of sales and marketing, provider management, claims management, clinical trials and pharmacovigilance by using leading BPM and automation tools
Healthcare mobility,Software as a medical device (SaMD), Digital Pill, collaborate care
Healthcare data transformation, machine learning, Artificial intelligence, Data science, Predictive analytics
Provider and Hospital management system (HIS, EHR, PHR, EMR)
Healthcare Analytic (Care management, population Health management, Account care organization, Wellness and chronic care management, Telehealth, Remote patient monitoring, Health insurance exchange, health information exchange, PBM and Specialty Drug Management)
Patient centricity, Patient engagement, Member engagement, Hyper personalization, Real would evidence and Post sales and field assist (AR &VR) Support

X Topic Abstract

We at Chainyard see Blockchain as an opportunity to drive collaboration across the supply chain network partners, as well as an opportunity for modernization of supply chain as an ecosystem. As a part of this talk we would briefly talk about the different participants and their motivation to join a blockchain network, understand possibilities blockchain has in the supply chain arena as well as discuss the approach we take to build these possibilities into applications.

Speaker Profile

Puneet Singh is a Senior Consultant with 10+ years of experience in handling products, services and solutions to key customers from various lines of businesses. He is currently a Blockchain solution architect interfacing with business and technical teams in order to drive, implement and orchestrate solutions. He is also instrumental in migrating several applications onto Blockchain using Design Thinking methodologies. Puneet is a certified Scrum Master and is a product of IIT-R and IIML.

X Topic Abstract

Blockchain in Cryptocurrency and Financial transactions
ICO to raise crowdfunding
Private Vs Open Blockchain Networks
Blockchain limitations taking examples of Health Care, Banking, KYC and Real Estate

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Our Speakers

Nagi Reddy


Cognier Insights Pvt. Ltd.

Amey Rajput

Global Leadership Cadre, Manager - Digital Portfolio & Blockchain

Tech Mahindra

Hrishikesh Nashikkar

Blockchain Lead

Blockchain & Fintech Broadridge

Anish Dundoo

Investor & VC in Blockchain Tech

Crypto Currency

Ajit Kumar

CEO & Founder

Pipra Solutions

Puneet Singh

Business Solution Architect - Senior Consultant (Blockchain & Emerging Technologies)

Chainyard / IT People

Sameeran Amarnath

Co-Founder / Product Design Engineer-Architect

Asrsti(Pronounced Ashrishti www.asrsti.co)

Parsuram Sahoo

Lead Solutions Architect - Healthcare and Life Science

Wipro Technologies

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Who can attend Blockchain Day in Hyderabad?

Blockchain Day 2018 in Hyderabad is open to anyone who has an interest in the technology/telecoms industry or any related field. Chairmen, CEOs, CTOs, CIOs, Managing Directors, Global Heads, Blockchain specialists from banks, financial Institutions, financial service providers, accountants, consultancies, financial technology companies, fintech innovators and entrepreneurs.

Why to attend Blockchain Day in Hyderabad?

Understand the state of development of blockchain technology by exchanges, clearing houses, central counter parties and payment systems, and what it means for you.

What will you learn about?

Detecting where underlying problems and frictions exist in your organisation that will be alleviated by blockchain technologies. Using blockchain as a tool for innovation across your organisation

Are there any prerequisites to attend this program?


Do I need to register for the event?

Yes, all conference attendees must register in advance to attend the event.

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