Nov 2

Overview of the event

The Blockchain Technology Conference 2018 will be happening on November 2nd 2018 Johannesburg. The Blockchain Conference 2018 will bring together a diverse range of experts who will discuss all the opportunities, challenges and exciting possibilities in innovation and disruption that can be leveraged in Johannesburg using this technology.

Blockchain for Enterprise

Blockchain technology is starting to encourage a direct value exchange over the internet. It is slowly moving towards mainstream adoption, and removing the friction in the exchange of value over the internet. It is fast approaching an inflection point where enterprise and greater mainstream adoption will ensue. As a result of the considerable structural advantages blockchain technology is expected to have significant impact on industries including payments, finance, insurance, energy, IoT, exchanges, music and many more. This track analyses just these impacts looking at various industries and the challenges and opportunities that blockchain will present to them.

Blockchain Technology

The Main Goal of this summit is to create an accessible and a much more Diverse, Policy-oriented Platform where Business and Government Leaders can learn how Blockchain could impact their Organizations and Economies, and how they can seize the Opportunity to reap the maximum benefits this budding Technology has to offer.

Blockchain technology presents numerous opportunities for disruptive innovation. It enables global business transactions with less friction and more trust. Today, Bitcoin is just one of the several hundred applications that use Blockchain technology. It's been an impressive journey of transformation for Blockchain technology and it will be interesting to see where it takes us next!

Facts & Figures About The Event

9 Speakers
9 Topics
100 Tickets

Conference Schedule

Enterprise Blockchain Technology(02nd November, 2018)

X Topic Abstract

Businesses are built on trust. The promise of blockchain, is to remove unnecessary friction by getting rid intermediaries and acting as the trust broker itself. But the initial blockchain technologies aren’t ready for Enterprise deployment. How can we build enterprise blockchain solutions ?

Speaker's Profile

Thavash Govender has been in the tech industry for 19 years, starting as an electronic engineer, and then moving to software development and big data. In his current role, he looks after the Data and A.I product space at Microsoft for the Financial Services industry.

X Topic Abstract

My topic will be focused on the knowledge to understand what the Blockchain architecture is, the implications it could have on government services, and the opportunities and challenges governments may face as a result.

I will also provide information on what Blockchain technology is not and areas where its applications may not be useful. It is often the case that hype around the impact of emerging and disruptive technologies overstates their practical and pragmatic applications.

An understanding of what Blockchain technology is and is not is critical in helping policy makers and civil servants look past the hype and determine whether Blockchain technology is something that may help them advance their missions.

X Topic Abstract

Blockchain (BC) has received significant attention recently. This paper presents system-related issues for BCs for financial applications. This paper first presents the design of a BC without consideration of any application scenarios, and issues such as performance, security, performance and scalability lead to specific BC designs. Sample BC scenarios are analyzed and these lead to additional BC designs. Specifically, two new kinds of BC emerge: for storing information at transactional level, for storing account information. By splitting traditional BCs into these two BCs allow one to optimize the system with respect to scalability and privacy.

X Topic Abstract

How do public blockchains really work? In order to do so we need to re-evaluate what money and value really is, before diving into the intentions of the creator of Bitcoin, "Satoshi Nakamoto". We end up playing the "Bitcoin mining game" to demonstrate the process of mining and including transactions.

Speaker's Profile

• B.Sc Hons Comp Sci, MBA.
• MBA research topic: "The effects of Inflation and selected World Governance Indicators on public interest in Bitcoin".
• C++ developer, IQ business/Experian, security and encryption.
• Interest in Bitcoin/blockchain technology since 2011.
• Brought first Bitcoin ATM to SA, 2013.
• Recent talks in February 2018, Netherlands, Europe’s blockchain hub.

X Topic Abstract

This presentation will focus on the history of technology from its earliest inceptions to the advent of cryptography and blockchains and its significant role in shaping society, governance, politics and culture. A recurring thread will be money and how it is and always has been a social construct in varying forms. From past to present to future, Justin will finish on the possible influences blockchain and related technologies will impact future generations and shift cultural pointers in both developed and developing markets.

X Topic Abstract

Cryptocurrencies are the next step in the evolution of money. But in Africa, where most of the continent is unbanked, mobile, and struggling with many informal and often illegal limitations to trade, this financial development is more than just a step. Like Neil Armstrong said about landing on the moon: it’s one giant leap.

Speaker Profile

Candice Lee Reeves is a cryptocurrency writer, vlogger, speaker, and the co-founder of crypto start-up, Imellio. She’s best known for her online persona, Crypto Candy. @CryptoCandySA

X Topic Abstract

Blockchain technology has the potential to completely disrupt industries and the traditional way of doing business. It has the promise of more and only recently has gained some traction with regards to it's practical applications. Let's review industries that Blockchain technology is already disrupting and the ones rife for disruption. In my opinion, Blockchain disruption is simply changing processes to utilise technology to accomplish objectives quicker, with lower costs and provide transparency in the processes.

Industries covered :
• Supply Chain & Logistics,
• Government as it applies to creation of a Land registry on the Blockchain, Banking and how Banks are using DLT for interbank transfers.
• Retail

Speaker Profile

Fabian has over 20 years experience in the IT sector ranging from website development to IT Management consulting services. Through his experience, Fabian has played a pivotal role in advancing IT initiatives and projects across various Industry sectors including finance, industrial, retail, hospitality, IT and manufacturing. Fabian is the Principal Lead and instructor for the Hyperledger course at the Blockchain Academy.

X Topic Abstract

Application of blockchain technology in Africa and opportunities

Speaker Profile

Nasreen's passion for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology (as a toolto make the world a better place) can be seen through her involvement in building the community in Cape Town since 2015; where she helped organize local meetups, Blockchain/Bitcoin Conferences and events and more recently, as a conference speaker.

She has 17 years’ work experience in corporate, innovation and entrepreneurship thanks to her engagements with early-stage startups, project and community management positions with startup support organisations, across corporate, FMCG, digital marketing, sales, tech, innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem in Africa.

Her life’s mission is to understand and share the underlying power of this accelerating technology and its potential to disrupt everything; from inclusion, supply chains, finance and so much more.

She proactively supports the development of the ecosystem by bringing crucial actors together and building a strong entrepreneurship community.

X Topic Abstract

As the Blockchain eco-system develops and matures, there will be elements of existing financial services, such as Capital Markets, that will filter into the industry as adoption rates increase.

This will lead to the development of new financing opportunities that draw on elements of existing products, however with their own characteristics that will be developed bespoke to the Blockchain industry.

We are already seeing this in the evolution of the ICO / STO markets. Projects can no longer rely on crowdfunding from retail-sized contributors and are having to become more innovative in their fundraising activities.

Speaker Profile

Paul is a seasoned professional in financial markets and emerging-market technologies. He has deep-level FinTech, InsurTech and Big Data eco-system knowledge, including utilisation of leading-edge technologies that underpin the eco-system’s development. His focus for the last 2-years has become the inherent benefits in Blockchain technology and the nascent opportunities this presents for a decentralised global economy.

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Our Speakers

Rolf Deppe

Blockchain architect IQ Business

South Africa

Justin McCarthy



Fabian van der Merwe

Principal Lead - Hyperledger Course Content Development & Instruction

Blockchain Academy (Pty) Ltd

Candice Lee Reeves

Chief Communications Officer


Thavash Govender

Solution Specialist - Data and AI


Nasreen Saunders

Independent Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency Consultant

South Africa

Trevor Zungu

Managing Partner & CEO

Future View Tech(Pty) Ltd. & BizBog (Pty) Ltd.

Bob Blower

Managing Director & Advisory Board Member

Globe Remitter & CrowdForce

Paul Scott

Founder & CEO

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Who can attend Blockchain Summit in Johannesburg?

Blockchain Summit 2018 in Johannesburg is open to anyone who has an interest the new architecture that Blockchain Promises, looking to develop a POC on Blockchain solution for their company, Looking for new ideas for innovation and/or looking to partner with solution providers. Chairmen, CEOs, CTOs, CIOs, Managing Directors, Global Heads, Blockchain specialists, Sr Project Managers, Innovation Heads from any industry or company size can benefit from this event, This event is also suitable for College Faculty and Research students for whom we have special discount.

Why to attend Blockchain Summit in Johannesburg?

Understand the state of development of blockchain technology by exchanges, clearing houses, central counter parties and payment systems, and what it means for you.

What will you learn about?

Detecting where underlying problems and frictions exist in your organisation that will be alleviated by blockchain technologies. Using blockchain as a tool for innovation across your organisation

Are there any prerequisites to attend this program?


Do I need to register for the event?

Yes, all conference attendees must register in advance to attend the event.