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Overview of the event

The Blockchain Summit 2018 will be happening on October 05th 2018 London. The Blockchain Conference 2018 will bring together a diverse range of experts who will discuss all the opportunities, challenges and exciting possibilities in innovation and disruption that can be leveraged in London using this technology.

Blockchain Technology

The Main Goal of this summit is to create an accessible and a much more Diverse, Policy-oriented Platform where Business and Government Leaders can learn how Blockchain could impact their Organizations and Economies, and how they can seize the Opportunity to reap the maximum benefits this budding Technology has to offer.

Blockchain technology presents numerous opportunities for disruptive innovation. It enables global business transactions with less friction and more trust. Today, Bitcoin is just one of the several hundred applications that use Blockchain technology. It's been an impressive journey of transformation for Blockchain technology and it will be interesting to see where it takes us next!

Facts & Figures About The Event

10 Speakers
10 Topics
100 Tickets

Conference Schedule

Blockchain Technology (05th October, 2018)

X Topic Abstract

Ever since Satoshi Nakamoto revealed the Bitcoin network on the blockchain almost 10 years ago, there has been a great excitement about the potential uses of blockchain. World over, the entrepreneurs, scientists and investors are looking at this technology and trying to experiment and build prototypes with the wide array possibilities that span across the personal, social, societal and commercial areas. The figure below provides an example of areas where there is an activity on building blockchain based solutions.

Some of the interesting solutions beyond the financial services

1. E-Voting

Online Electoral polling is an area that has been plagued with the triple challenge of security and anonymity while maintaining transparency. Increasing voter turnout would also be a likely by product of bringing elections securely online. A number of solutions are being researched by the government and non-government agencies across the globe and block chain seems to provide a panacea to all the above challenges. Using blockchain, a voter can ably verify if the vote was successfully transferred while still remaining anonymous to others.

2. Proof of Existence - Decentralized Notary

Proof of Existence (PoE) is an online service that verifies the existence of computer files as of a specific time via timestamped transactions in the bitcoin blockchain. PoE enables a user to transfer data to a server with a transaction fee to get a cryptographic proof of the data entered on the Bitcoin blockchain. As the actual data is not stored online, there is no possibility of undesirable disclosure of the information of the user. Once the uploading of the document is completed with the transaction fee, a digital file or a hash of the document is developed as a proof of the action.

3. Digital ownership and music royalties

The use of blockchain can help change musicians license and get paid their songs. The royalty system needs to work logically allowing the musicians to freely concentrate on their tunes and get paid if someone uses their tunes. PeerTracks is one of several companies attempting to set up a system where every artist would sell their own separate cryptocurrency tokens as shares in their future earnings, and streaming royalties would be allocated to the owners of the tokens via smart contracts.

4. Asset Management

Asset management is one such field where the blockchain can leverage eliminating the custodian, broker or a settlement manager who is prone to inefficiency and errors in recording. The process of the blockchain ledger encrypting the records enables a reduction of the errors while simplifying the process.

5. Processing of Insurance Claims

Another field is Insurance Claims processing that is confronting unpleasant procedure. Most of the time the claim processors have to go through the fragmented records of data, or abandoned policies to name a few. A possibility of error is enormous. The blockchain enables a foolproof process for error-free administration and transparency. The encryption properties of the blockchain make insurance companies capture details of the asset ownership to insure.

6. Payments in the Cross-Border Trading

The field of cross-border payments is susceptible to errors and money laundering. The blockchain is already providing solutions to the remittance companies such as Bitspark, Align Commerce, and Abra offering blockchain driven remittance services. The banker, Santander turned as the first bank in 2004 to merge blockchain to a payment application permitting clients to do cross-border payment round-the- clock.

7. Money Lending for your Smart Property

The blockchain is capable to lessen bankruptcy chances and lose homes placed as a collateral in a loan. The blockchain enables a stranger to loan money to you against your smart property offered as a collateral encoded on the blockchain that is visible to anyone. This eliminates the need to show your work or credit history and the need for manually processing many documents.

8. Your Smartphone/Car

Your car key and smartphone can function on cryptography to secure your ownership with the right protocol or a PIN code. The blockchain ledger can easily replace and reproduce a lost protocol transferring or copying the physically held SIM card or car key.

9. Warranty Receipts

The solution uses a Facebook messenger ChatBot to store warranty receipts on the blockchain. It helps reduce disputes between retailers and customers for lost receipts and unreadable receipts and at the same time can track history of ownership

10. Patient Record Management

Blockchain based record management system to enable companies to simplify claim processing, secure medical records, monitor the pharma supply chain and collaborate with network stakeholders

X Topic Abstract

Since 2008 crash the world of finace has moved leaps and bounds in its efforts to protect ordinary as well as sophisticated investor. In this talk we will talk about how the latest regulation protects you as an investor and how the same can or cannot be achieved on a blockchain using Smart Contracts.

The following points will be covered:

1. What do we mean by investor protection?
2. What are smart contracts?
3. How does investor protection work in fiat markets
4. How has investor protection worked so far in the world of crypto
5. What initiatives exist to breach the gap
6. What can you do as an investor to protect your capital
7. What can you do as a company running an ICO/TGE to protect your investors

Speaker Profile

With over 20 years in financial technology, Lilia Severina specialises in advisory and fund raising for FinTech ICOs and peer2peer block trades.

Lilia has expert knowledge in trading technologies including low latency trading and many years experience in the world of crypto from mining to arbitrage to ICO planning, design and development.

Globally networked, Lilia’s personal and professional connection with some of the most influential individuals in capital markets including exchanges, regulators, brokers and investment banks as well crypto, technology and government sectors across some 80+ countries. She is instrumental in a number of IPOs and held many senior positions in start-ups as well as corporates including Uptime Institute, Avelacom, Interxion, Gartner Group, Orange and Verizon.

Lilia studied at the London School of Economics, Westminster University of London and Thames Marketing College. She is a committed trainer and mentor for the Prince’s Trust and believes in empowering SMEs to make the world a better place.

X Topic Abstract

- Statistical overview of the total VC vs. ICO investments in Blockchain
- Current trends and future forecasts
- Who invests in ICOs (Investor profiles, crypto funds, Vc's, pools and syndicates)
- Changing fund raising strategies for blockchain startups.

Speaker Profile

Stanley is a private investor and business consultant who has provided diligent solutions across the globe. His hedge fund/private equity and VC world experience has put him in a position where he has both buy and sell side access. He has raised and been part of several billion dollar asset ventures and made several capital allocations across a wide range of industries. His more recent interests have been on mentoring start-up growth and accelerating companies in the Fintech space including blockchain. Stanley also has a passion for self funded socially beneficial projects. He is an avid traveller as well as lover of nature and food.

X Topic Abstract

With blockchain technology going mainstream the Boards are increasingly asking question 'Is the technology right for us and how can we use it?'. To answer the question it is important to understand challenges that company is facing and also unique characteristics of blockchain. One of those is building trust in digital. In my talk I would like to present how blockchain addresses trust, give a simple to use model on how to evaluate 'is this for me' and finally present case studies of companies leveraging blockchain to restore trust.

Speaker Profile

Dorota Zimnoch is an international fintech and insurtech expert. She gained her experience working with leading financial brands such as Citi, AIG, Alico, MetLife, and 4finance. As founder of Zing Business Consulting, Ms. Zimnoch is focused on business transformations and turning digital disruption into market-winning solutions allied to effective and high-quality implementation. Ms. Zimnoch is a co-founder and strategic adviser to several ventures. Working closely with The Heart she has helped corporations and startups to grow together by leading the Fintech Program, focusing on CyberSecurity, Big Data, PSD2 and Blockchain. Ms. Zimnoch is a top 50 global influencer and active member of the fintech&insurtech community in London via Tech London Advocates, FemTech Leaders, and InsTech London, Blockchain Ladies as well as mentor to many startups. She is author of many articles and publications, incl. the Insurtech Book and guest speaker at globally focused conferences.

X Topic Abstract

Commodity registry on blockchain and Trade financing on Blockchain, online lending place for SME in the commodity traders space.

X Topic Abstract

We can all change mindsets and culture for a faster Blockchain adoption

Speaker Profile

Senior Information Technology Director with 18 years of professional IT experience and track record of success delivering profit-driven technology solutions by ensuring that efficiency, performance, stability, time and cost are all in alignment with the business objectives, strategy and vision.

Extensive expertise in Information Technology, Strategy and Roadmaps, Software Development, Infrastructure and Operations, Strategic Planning, R&D, Product Development and Quality control.

Great business capabilities through global application of technology integrations as versatile IT director with a strong software development background shaping flexible solutions and positioning companies for market leadership.

Results-driven IT director with expertise envisioning and leading technology-based, multi-million pound revenue and growth initiatives grounded solidly on business and economic value.

Impressive, fast track management career marked by demonstrated ability to build peak-performing teams and achieve cross-functional business objectives.

Valued member of senior teams, contributing a seasoned, broad-based perspective to create pragmatric IT strategies and implementation plans designed for maximum return at the lowest possible costs.

X Topic Abstract

Blockchain is creating extraordinary opportunities for businesses to come together in new ways to Create new value by:

Exploiting new business models and eliminate inefficiencies.
Optimise ecosystems by Streamlining business processes and the exchange of value along the ecosystem.
Reduce risk by replacing uncertainty with transparency and a trusted, decentralized ledger.

Speaker Profile

Sunil leads Blockchain consulting services at IBM for Chemicals & Petroleum and Industrial Products clients in UK & Europe. He has been instrumental in designing & delivering Blockchain solutions for clients across UK and Europe and is currently engaged in numerous real world Blockchain implementations.

X Topic Abstract

The Future of Finance: A Blockchain Enabled Economy

The Talk will be a discussion surrounding the socio-economic changes that have taken place throughout the past 50 years moving through how the digital revolution impacted our economic systems and how the internet and blockchain technology is now leading to the Next economic evolution through the convergence of blockchain technologies, IoT and Artificial Intelligence.

The Speech will rely on information regarding sociological research statistics, Socio economic principles, Research on Future Technologies, IoT and econometrics.

Speaker Profile

Jesse Jarvis is an Accomplished executive with global experience in Luxury Brand Marketing, Digital Assets, IT and Blockchain technologies. Jesse is a Results-oriented decisive leader with specialized knowledge in futurist studies with great insight into the next 20 years of digital transformation and emerging technologies.

X Topic Abstract

How to evaluate individual crypto currencies for their investment potential?

What to look out for when looking at crypto currencies- how to asses the team and partnerships, how to value a coin, comparing crypto currencies against their competition, assessing use cases and road maps

Trends that affect adoption/ value of crypto currencies

X Topic Abstract

During this talk, I will address Blockchain reforming the supply chain with specific attention to how the technology improves supply chain transparency, sustainability and security.
Blockchain technology has the ability and capacity to create the next generation of digital supply chain networks and platforms which will be pivotal to the success of business transactions, thereby creating new business models. Supply chain traceability leverages transparency to operationalize organizational goals related to raw material origins and provide context to a final product or service. Blockchain technologies, provide increased supply chain transparency, added to this, the DLT creates an immutable and distributed aspect of the chain of custody record by nature of the protocol which lends itself well to traceability applications. Recent adoption of IoT and Blockchain technologies offer the promise of better supply chain provenance, especially with use cases for provenance tracking (food, high-valued assets, retail, drugs, parts). Thus far, in our age of Big Data, a key problem lies in determining provenance, whether it is tracking ingredients of a pharmaceutical or demonstrating authenticity of luxury goods, often unachievable with today's goods which are produced and transported in complex, inter-organizational, often internationally-spanning supply chains. However, 2018 has heralded a change in supply chain management with the integration of Blockchain, which many firms worldwide are leveraging.
- I will provide use cases as well as some major players in the blockchain/supply chain sector discussing various goods.
- Analyses of specific white papers leveraging the technology with other tech (AI, RFID, Synthetic DNA).

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Mandy Lall

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ViPra Consulting Ltd

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Who can attend Blockchain Summit in London?

Blockchain Summit 2018 in London is open to anyone who has an interest in the technology/telecoms industry or any related field. Chairmen, CEOs, CTOs, CIOs, Managing Directors, Global Heads, Blockchain specialists from banks, financial Institutions, financial service providers, accountants, consultancies, financial technology companies, fintech innovators and entrepreneurs.

Why to attend Blockchain Summit in London?

Understand the state of development of blockchain technology by exchanges, clearing houses, central counter parties and payment systems, and what it means for you.

What will you learn about?

Detecting where underlying problems and frictions exist in your organisation that will be alleviated by blockchain technologies. Using blockchain as a tool for innovation across your organisation

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Yes, all conference attendees must register in advance to attend the event.

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