Promoting “Blockchain﹢Governance” is of great significance to guide the development of blockchain technology and applications

Blockchain is at the stage of technology integration, functional expansion, and industrial subdivision. It occupies the commanding heights of innovation for us and obtains new advantages in the industry. 3. Expanding new areas of governance provides a rare time window period. Good development, good application, good governance of the blockchain, and promotion of “blockchain﹢governance” are of great significance to the modernization of the national governance system and governance capabilities. Blockchain projects are actively exploring privacy protection solutions, and privacy protection methods are increasingly diversified. In terms of blockchain security, it mainly starts with network communications, account data, smart contracts, cryptographic algorithms, and hardware, and takes multiple measures to strengthen security. Although blockchain can play an important role in promoting the modernization of national governance, “Blockchain﹢Governance” still faces three major challenges. One is the challenge brought by the distributed network, the second is the challenge brought by the data on the blockchain, and the third is the challenge brought by the smart contract. The article on countermeasures to promote “Blockchain + Governance” suggests that, first, make full use of the blockchain to improve governance efficiency; second, explore and improve the relevant policies and regulations of the blockchain; third, strictly guard against possible blockchain-induced risk.