Nov 16

Overview of the event

The Blockchain Technology Conference 2018 will be happening on November 16th 2018 Singapore. The Blockchain Conference 2018 will bring together a diverse range of experts who will discuss all the opportunities, challenges and exciting possibilities in innovation and disruption that can be leveraged in Los Angeles using this technology.

National banks and regulators, exchanges and investment banks across the world are taking seriously the financial innovation of distributed ledger or block chain technology. The block chain, aka Trust Machine underpins "crypto currencies" such as Bitcoin; but it goes beyond digital money. It provides a shared, trusted, public ledger that everyone can inspect, but no single user controls. It is at the cusp of revolutionising international money transfers, trade finance, syndicated lending and collateral management, among other applications. As it allows for almost instantaneous payments and settlement, the potential impact on the role of traders, quants and other financial technologists cannot be underestimated.

The event features an inspiring day of talks and workshops by professional speakers focused on Blockchain technology and Innovation.

This conference brings together Block Chain technologists in the finance sector, regulators, industry commentators, computer science researchers and others involved in financial innovation; these experts explore some of the technology and the many applications of Block chain in Financial Services.

Facts & Figures About The Event

14 Speakers
14 Topics
50 Tickets

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X Topic Abstract

Looking at the current development of Blockchain and where we can expect it to go in the future. Blockchain technology fundamentally changes the way people, banks, financial institutions and others interact. The implications of these changes are just beginning to become evident. From existing corporations, to FinTech start-ups and individuals Blockchain and related cryptocurrencies mark a fundamental shift to decentralized technology, and "trustless" transactions. This talk will look at some potential outcomes and implications of this shift.

Speaker Profile

John is a Blockchain and Cryptocurrency enthusiast and investor. He uses Agile methods to support the development of technology innovations like Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. John is the Head of Agile Practice for Orbium, based in Singapore, and founder / creator of the Auspicious Agile expert blogs. John has founded Agile and innovation services practices for companies in the US and in Asia. John is also a contributor to InfoQ on Agile & DevOps, and an author of the ebook “ A Guide to Distributed Agile Framework”. John blogs about Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and Agile methods on his Auspicious Agile blogs.

John specialises in applying Agile, innovation (like Blockchain), and DevOps at scale in the enterprise. John is also experienced in guiding C-Suite executives on Agile Leadership and Agile organization principles. His largest Agile scaling and innovation project was with Disney and had 500+ team members spanning three continents (called My Magic+ now used in Disney’s flagship Orlando Disney World theme park). John also focuses on using enterprise Agile, innovation and DevOps together to deliver the highest value, as quickly as possible.

John has a Bachelor of Science degree (University of California Irvine), a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree (UCLA), and a Juris Doctorate (JD) degree (Southwestern Law School).

X Topic Abstract

The mainstream media has been focusing more on the price and how the technology is just a fad, or is a solution looking for a problem. In this talk, I will use Elon Musk's company formula and draw simple parallels with it's framework to the stage of development for blockchain technology, to illustrate the opinion clearly outlined in the topic title.

Speaker Profile

By day, I'm a Technical Talent Acquisition Specialist in ThoughtWorks that focuses on attracting, hiring and retaining the industry's best. I'm a member of a community of passionate individuals whose purpose is to revolutionize software design, creation and delivery, while advocating for positive social change. In my role, I interact daily with technical leaders who advise enterprises on how to solve their complex, mission critical problems, and actually solve them. The intoxicating, fervent hunger to understand ever deeper and broader is contagious and has made me a true advocate of disruptive technology. I identify myself as a technologist.

I also write for a blockchain-focused media outlet called MediumFork. As a technologist, I was naturally drawn to blockchain technology and its ability to create a more decentralised and efficient world, reducing (and hopefully eliminating) income inequality and collectively improving our quality of life. I wouldn't call myself an expert, rather I'm someone who is an avid reader and and writer with the intention of actively sharing my learning with a broader audience. MediumFork was born out of the desire to make the concepts and applications of blockchain technology more accessible to the masses, instead of just the tech-savvy crowd.

X Topic Abstract

Tokenizing securities, financial instruments, and assets will have a profound impact on the world, especially financial markets. Security tokens and SAFT agreements have begun to grow in popularity and are starting to gain momentum globally. Learn how tokenized securities will transform capital markets and how institutions can lead in this new digital asset paradigm.

X Topic Abstract

Cryptocurrency is a unique beast that needs to be looked at with fresh eyes and not to be copy & pasted from more traditional market. In this talk we will go over the history of how funds have been raised in the crypto-market and look at projects that have done this well, and projects that haven't, as well as things to look out for to determine whether a project will survive, or die in the volatility of the crypto markets.

Speaker Profile

Luke Jones is passionate about cryptocurrency and loves helping people navigate the blockchain and crypto space. MBA qualified, he has spent over ten years trading in the future markets. He is the founder of FORTIFEX, a cryptocurrency asset management platform.

Luke specialises in talks regarding cryptocurrency trading, token valuation and speaks often about how to not lose money in the crypto space. He is also a senior member of the Los Angeles based Crypto Council - a private, invite-only community dedicated for top level investors to discover, debate and inspire investments in the crypto space.

Luke will briefly cover the fundamentals of how cryptocurrencies work and the various factors that need to be take into account when building a model to calculate their value. He has accumulated over 10 years experience trading for myself in the futures markets and know the best way to trade consistently is by using a consistent system that evolves with the traded market.

The recent months have found him in Dubai, Australia and Hong Kong eg. World Blockchain Forum, Skyledger Dubai Conference and more; to demystify the hype surrounding blockchain and crytocurrency today.

X Topic Abstract

With the advancement in genomics, the future of medicine provides deep insights into personal health and enables data-driven choices in regards to disease prevention, medications, family planning, diet, exercise, and more. In such an environment your DNA data is the key to health care. Blockchain technology can now provide every individual with a way to own your genomic data, control who can use it, and also provide a compensation for sharing access to your data. No one can ever access your data without your consent.

Speaker Profile

Sai is an entrepreneur, evangelist, and speaker at various blockchain and startup events. He offers advice on strategy, business, and innovation on various aspects of startups, the blockchain, and exponential technologies. He is a Fintech enthusiast. He previously Co-founded CashTrack, Singapore's First Automated Expense Tracker for working Professionals, and won multiple hackathons including the Singapore Fintech Hackathon-2016 and Singapore Fintech Hackathon 2017. He is currently the head of special projects at Guardian Health and Beauty, organizer of weekly blockchain developer meetups in Singapore and Ambassadors at AI6 weekly AI Meetups.

X Topic Abstract

With the art market moving from a small niche towards a global industry, the need for improved art due diligence solutions gets imperative. Using the enormous potential that blockchain offers, Maecenas is applying analytics to comply with regulatory requirements and mitigate fraud risks.

Speaker Profile

Javier Tamashiro is the Head of Technology Risk & Compliance at Maecenas Fine Art.

The world’s first blockchain platform for art investment. Maecenas is set to make the fine art market more transparent and protecting investors against illegal activities and obscure practices. Prior joining Maecenas team, he worked at Credit Suisse, Standard Chartered Bank and Standard & Poor's, focusing on risk compliance and product implementation. Having now spent over 3 years advising on blockchain projects, Javier has committed his professional career to seeing this technology achieving its full potential, helping financial institutions to be regulator-ready and reduce illegal transaction processing risk. He is a contributing author to the "The RegTech Book" and speaks at a number of conferences across Asia. Javier holds a MSc. in Data Mining from the University of Tokyo, having studied as a visiting scholar at Imperial College London.

X Speaker Profile

A serial entrepreneur himself who has continuously been a catalyst for other entrepreneurs across various business and technology verticals, Jagdish Pandya is a future-ready philanthropically- positive businessman who loves to see tomorrow of everything - be it technology, finance, human and social interactions. His sound strategies are pre-loaded with simple and smart process that makes all the difference. He's been at the forefront of digital and crypto currency developments since the beginning and has formed a strong alliance and credibility among his peers with his dedicated hard work and grow-all mindset. He firmly believes that “All great things are people are resisted in the beginning. And in the due course, the whole world has to notjust take notice of them but even follow them." A self-made cryptopreneur, he helms a professionally managed team of industry experts who comes with depth of experience, width of expertise, and height of commitment required for fulfilling the entire concept-to-coin lifecycle. Pandya underlines the need where“we all need to strengthen the decentralized innovations and tomorrow’s world will be much better than what it is today." Currently in his position as the cryptocurrency enthusiast he has taken up various roles to add value to the whole crypto eco-system. He is contributing towards the industry through various ventures that he runs, such as Block On IT Services Pvt Ltd - Gift city (for Blockchain Solutions), Block One Pte Ltd - Singapore (Wallet, POS and Payment solutions), Global Crypto Hub, Thailand (a brick-n-mortar crypto community hub), Crypto Currency Expo (periodical event across the world), Blokrypton (a company that promotes Asia Blockchain Expo) apart from many other initiatives that he endorses. He is all set to provide leverage and knowledge to crypto ventures as an accomplished ICO Master where he'd be mentoring new entrants while marketing old ones by giving complete ICO service package. He dreams of building a full-fledged Crypto Valley and incubation center for cryptolovers in Asia with the co-operation of governments of India and Philippines. Known among his tribe as JP, his passion for creating a win-win-win world for the crypto community, media and governments has won him tremendous respect from everywhere which had encouraged him to work even more towards the growth of this fantastic industry.

X Topic Abstract

Transactions where buyers and sellers are unable to come face-to-face to deal requires an Escrow Agent who holds on the seller’s asset until the buyer pays. In this session, we will demonstrate the use of a Smart Contract on the Ethereum Blockchain to execute a transaction where both parties will fulfill their part of the deal without the need for a trusted middleman. This demonstration will introduce Blockchain as a viable technology to change the way we trade.

Speaker Profile

Jackson has been a Programmer, Marketer and Technopreneur in the fields of Technology and Information Systems. His passion for writing software and sharing the knowledge brought him into education. Today, Jackson is a Lecturer, committed to inspiring people young and old to write codes and build projects that will help us all work, play and live better. He is currently most interested in Blockchains, LPWAN and smart sensors. When not coding, Jackson muses about technology at

X Topic Abstract

How to ICO in Singapore and around the world, and what are some of the issues with the crypto industry and how we propose to solve these issues.

X Topic Abstract

How Ethereum developer work in Singapore.

Speaker Profile

Kenneth Hu is Vice President at BlockPlus Inc, providing consultancy service in Blockchain Technology. Kenneth has spent over 11 years in software development. His appointments include Senior System Specialist at ST Electronics (Info-Software Systems) providing development and maintenance services of ECP frameworks, and supporting multiple project teams. He also is a blockchain trainer at the Institute of Blockchain (Singapore) and 0xAcademy in Taiwan, providing education on Ethereum Smart Contracts and Solidity. Kenneth is also the Founder of Blockchain & DApps and of IOTA (IEN – Iota Evangelist Network) in Singapore, which aims to share and learn everything about blockchain technology and DApps development. He has a passion for creating sustainable blockchain technology to bring distributed ledger technology solutions to a variety of businesses.

X Topic Abstract

1) ICO the BEST FUND Raising option for SME & How To Evaluate an ICO

•Lack of Knowledge
•Security Concerns
•Authenticity of Exchange & Tokens
•Fear of losing Money

2) Hybrid Exchange the way forward

Drawback of Centralised exchanges
Drawback of Decentralised Exchange
Why Hybrid Exchange

3) Why Cypto Payment Solutions

No charge backs since transactions is not reverseable so the liability shift from merchant to customers
Lower transaction cost than credit cards
No security risk payment goes directly to merchant wallet

Speaker Profile

Kishore M ( B.COM, MBA, CEP (IIT), ADSM) is an Ex-Hedge Fund Manager and CEO of Blockchain Events & Fintech training Company ( . He has over a decade of experience in the Stock, CFD, Forex, ADR’s, Commodities, Index, Futures, Options & Cryptocurrency. He received his Master in Business Administration from Institute for Technology and Management in association/collaboration with Southern Newhampshire University Manchester, the USA earlier known as New Hampshire College, Mastering Alternative Investments Certificate from INSEAD, his certificate in Computer Network & Internet Applications Course(CEP) from IIT kharagpur and his Advance Diploma in Computer Systems Management from NIIT.

He is a certified Investment Representative, ETS Derivatives Qualified Trader. He is trained by Chicago Board of Exchange and Pacific Stock Exchange Members in Derivatives Instruments on Options & Futures Trading, and educated in Derivatives instruments from the University of California Berkeley (Ext), USA.

He started his career with a Securities Broking Firm on the OTCEI exchange as a Private fund &EquityManager and subsequently headed several startups in Asia and in US ( Silicon Valley ). He has conducted Stock & Derivatives seminars for International Brokers such as REFCO based in Singapore and Regional brokers such as CIMB based in Malaysia.

He has been featured in Singapore Stock Exchange Magazine , Indonesia (JawaPos) & Middle East Newspaper (Khaleej Times) and has also been featured in Bloomberg TV, BBC, Malaysia Business TV Channel & Singapore Channel NewsAsia , News Radio 93.8 FM, Asian Banker Journal, and on Global Hedge Fund websites such as Hedge fund Center, HedgeWeek, HedgeFund Research and Hedge Funds World.

His Entrepreneurial skills had won him the TII status(Technopreneur Investment Incentive Status) from EDB Singapore Government. He is a member of TiE world’s leading Venture Capital Association and one of the most sought-after speaker for entrepreneurship, capital markets, derivatives, cryptocurrency and Alternative Investment.

He is a strategy advisor to companies planning their ICO and provides token launch service under his company He is launching a cryptocurrency exchange, crypto payment system for merchants and crpto marketplace for retail online shopping. He also provides Forex, Derivatives & Cryptocurrency workshop to senior corporate management teams, Broking Houses and Derivative Exchanges Members and conducts Financial Markets & Digital Currency Seminars to public audiences across Asia & Middle East He has trained over 50,000 participants in 10 countries (Hongkong, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Middle East, Philippines, London etc) in the area of alternative investments, some of his participants include professionals from ABN AMRO Bank, RHB Securities, AMEX, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Citibank, Doha Bank, CIMB Securities, Manfinancial, REFCO, DBSVICKERS, CSFB, UOB Bank. Under his proprietary trading company – he has a performance of 99.05% return (2003-2004) and 233.13% return (2003-2005) attested & certified by Auditors.”

X Speaker Profile

RamKrishna(Ramki) is CoFounder & COO of and CoFounder & ExCEO of Dakuce, Centralised crypto exchange from HongKong.

Is a Alumni of worlds prestigious Management college Indian Institute of Technology - Kolkata & BlockChain Technologist from IIIT-Hyderabad, India.

X Topic Abstract

Mass consumer adoption of crypto currencies will ultimately drive the success of the entire ecosystem, but how do we do this? Crypto currency has been labelled as a solution without a problem, or characterised as an enabler of the illicit. With a little innovation in thinking, there is a sea of opportunity in consumer products that can disrupt entire industries. It needs the same shake up the smartphone industry had, and in this talk Kaiesh discusses what that can look like.

Speaker Profile

Kaiesh has founded, bootstrapped, and run multiple, successful, multi-million dollar revenue, technology companies and consulted for major blue chip organisations as a Strategy IT Consultant.

He runs FreeCash, an innovative blockchain gaming company that is blending crypto currency infrastructure and popular consumer products to drive adoption.

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