Formulate Blockchain Computing Center Standards to Create Blockchain Computing Highlands

According to the People ’s Political Consultative Conference News on May 24, Ren Yunan, member of the Chengdu Municipal CPPCC and CEO of Oukeyun Chain, believes that China should continue to improve The status of enterprises in the international blockchain industry competition, the development of blockchain computing power center standards, to create a blockchain computing power highland. Ren Yunan believes that the formulation of standards will promote the healthy and orderly development of this industry. In addition, in order to bring blockchain computing power to a higher level, Ren Yunan proposed that computing power is an important support for the development of the blockchain industry, and the computing power center is also the basic ecology of the entire industry and is indispensable for the further development of blockchain. Is expected to become a new form of industrial development and a new growth point. Ren Yunan also suggested to speed up the construction of blockchain professionals system, especially to strengthen the standardization research of blockchain professionals as soon as possible. From the experience of industrial practice, outstanding blockchain technology talents must not only have a solid information technology foundation, but also have sufficient knowledge of cryptography, consensus algorithms, super ledger, smart contracts and other blockchain expertise, and the construction of talent system. Standardization is conducive to solving the demand for high-quality professional talents in the development of the blockchain industry.